Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Six, Part Two

Back on da road again aftah seeing da park and some nearby falls; I was still feeling wai maka cuz of leaving our friends, but excited at da same time about seeing one moa and her ‘ohana.

I love dis shot of pīpī foa … u know da drill, yeah, and da snow-covered mountains in da background.


Da mountains were so nani covered in snow; an interesting contrast to da dry landscape.


Close-up of da mountains. Outside da kawila was about 55 degrees but inside we stay warm and cozy.


I also like dis shot above alla dried cornstalks.


Get plenny sagebrush around hea too.


We wen keep driving across da flat, brown, landscape. Befoa when we wen live hea I used to fret about all of it; but now, I could really appreciate da beauty. I tink I wen say dat awreddy, yeah?


Musubi stay doing fine, but he was getting litto bit antsy. I going tell u why pretty soon. He kept asking, “Eh, when we going get dea?” Just like one keed, I tell u.


We wen pull ova to one rest stop, and right above our heads stay dis awesome cross in da sky. Shaka, yeah?


At da rest stop, was kinda sad. Rememba da spinner on da kawila, how I was hoping was going last foa da whole trip? Well, guess wat? Da buggah wen fly off da kawila just befoa we wen stop to see our friends! Kinda sad, dat, cuz dat one wen last moa long den any odda ones I wen have befoa. So somewea in dat town, my sad, worn out spinnah stay resting in peace.

But I stay kinda akamai… cuz I wen tell Nolemana befoa we wen leave dat we gotta put da spare in da glove box, and he wen remembah! So at da rest stop, he wen put on da new, shiny bright one. Musubi had fun watching da process.


Takes a litto while foa da new one to get in da rhythm.


Back on da road again. Da crazy kine thing about dis trip was dat befoa we left, I wen get dis book on CD from da library foa us to listen to, one reeyo exciting one, too. But get so much to look at and so many photos foa take, we hardly wen listen to it at all! So now we stay listening to um at home… except dat one of da CDs stay all hamajang and we gotta get da book from da library foa read ova da scratched place. But I digress.


Eh! Is dat one rivah ova dea? And try look how green da land…I think is alfalfa.


Dea one ranch, right down by da watah. And one train!! Any time we go drive past a place lidis, I always wonder about da life of da people who live dea.


Hea da train! We wen see all kine trains on dis trip.


And moa dry land again.


Oh my gosh, I thought I was going have to put one seat belt on Musubi! He stay jumping up and down on da dashboard wit excitement when he wen see dis sign. He wen keep telling me, “Hurry, hurry!!!”


We wen pull up to my friend’s hale. Musubi was uncontrollable, and I get tears streaming down my face already!


I wen get outa da kawila, holding Musubi, wai maka to da max. My friend wen come outsai, and we wen hug, and cry, and cry and hug… no could let go of each odda!

Who is she? Try guess…



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7 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Six, Part Two

  1. AFK says:

    How exciting! I have no idea where you are – except some place you want to be.

  2. RONW says:

    apparently, no gas stations for miles and miles.

  3. I miss some far away friends :-}
    I am glad we’re in the back seat for dis trip.
    Dis wai maka is good for me.
    (Is there a pidgin pidgin? )
    I’m still thinking Idaho.

  4. Kikue Mugen says:

    Oh excellent log this one was. I totally got into Musubi and wondered who lived way out there in the Boonies too as you did, an I have no clue as to who your friend is. LOL

  5. Barb says:

    Pretty pictures. There is such great beauty in the country.

  6. Julie says:

    kewt da toes : )

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