Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Two, Part Two

K’den, da second part of Day Two. Had dis warning foa falling rock so we were extra careful driving down da road.

Day 2-21

Was getting super cold by dis time. We had to put da heater on as we headed down da road. When we left Oregon, within a couple of hours we had plenny rain, but now, try look:

Day 2-22

I had made arrangements with a wahine who dyes da most fabulous colors of wool to stop by her place so I could do a wikiwiki shopping spree. No yarn this time, just stuff foa spin on my wheel/s. Was hard to leave, but we had to hurry to get to Auntie’s in time.

Day 2-23

On our way again, hustling to get to Auntie’s. She’s ninety-four and it’s hard for her to wait. And guess wat? Anodda train!

Day 2-24

We wen see dis cool trestle next to da road.

Day 2-25

Try look da storm coming in over da mountains!

Day 2-26

We got lucky and got a photo of da geese flying south for da wintah.

Day 2-27

We got to Auntie’s retirement home and wen leave our names at da front desk. Da wahine dea wen call Auntie to tell her we stay dea, and within just a few minutes Auntie wen come down da long hallway. Ho da wai maka! We hadn’t seen each odda foa so long but we wen recognize each odda right away. Even now, writing about it, I get tears running down my face. We just hugged and hugged; I wen introduce her to Nolemana and dey wen hug too. Den Auntie and I wen hug again. Ho da chicken skin writing dis!

After checking out Auntie’s room and talking stories, we wen holoholo ka‘a with Auntie ova my cousin dems hale. Dis da view from dea lānai.

Day 2-28

So we wen reach da first part of our destination… any guesses wea we stay?

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3 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day Two, Part Two

  1. I am so happy you got to hug your auntie, I bet she was so happy to see you, too!
    I have a few tears in my eyes for you!

  2. Clare says:

    I get wai maka reading dis! Yay auntie!

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    I haven’t a clue, but it looks cold… Northern cold.

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