Wow. A Blog Award!

Diana over at Otterwise just honored me with the Deborah award.

This award was created by Ces, a fabulous artist. I love what she said about Deborah and her oak:

“Queen Nymph Deborah nurtures the acorn of a Quercus alba (White Oak) with grace, kindness, humility, caring, loyalty, hope, poetry and beauty. White oak, also known as Stave Oak is the most important lumber tree of the white oak group, it is high-grade wood and is outstanding in making tight barrels for whiskey and other liquids and was important for shipbuilding.”

I’m really touched. Mahalo nui, Diana. I especially love the part about shipbuilding because I’ve had a love affair with boats, ships, and sailing ever since my dad first took my brother and I down to Kewalo Basin where he used to work on sailboats. Later on, he’d take my brother and I sailing.

Brings back good memories for me…

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4 Responses to Wow. A Blog Award!

  1. Clare says:

    Woohoo! Congrats! Yay!

  2. AFK says:

    Omedetoo! Terrific!

  3. You deserve it hon, so many days your blog has lifted my spirits :-}

  4. Paula K says:

    Come on over Moki! Kauai nei is ready fo you my dear wahine.

    With Fond Aloha Paula

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