Da Mystery Road Trip: Day Two, Part One

Hea we go!

We didn’t see any pīpī foa she who loves dem, so we wen take dis photo.

Day 1

Along da rivah. Which one? Cannot tell u cuz dis one mystery road trip. Hee hee.

Day 2-2

Anodda lake shot. Interesting kine flag da kine.

Day 2-3

We wen follow dis rivah long time…

Day 2-4

Den we wen begin to see some color changes… finally!

Day 2-5

And we wen leave da dry, bare ground and go up into one forested area. Was so good to see forests and da changing colors.

Day 2-8

Ho da fass speed limit! When was da lass time I wen drive dis fass? Well, maybe five miles an hour ova. But dat’s it!

Day 2-9

Den moa water.

Day 2-10

We wen stop in dis one town foa gas… had all kine sculptures lidis around.

Day 2-11

Dunno if u can read dis sign, but says “Bridge may be icy”. Nomo ice, at least not now!

Day 2-12

I love aspen trees. I mean, on a scale of 1-10, they’re a 75. Usetabee Nolemana and I would holoholo ka‘a to Tahoe during October juss foa see dem. I miss dem, so was glad to see dese ones, even doe far away. Good ting we get camera, cuz I gotta keep my eyes on da road!

Day 2-13

Going have one steep upgrade ahead! Glad we’re not a truck! Dat’s too slow! Dis wen last foa miles.

Oh, and I should tell u dis, too. See my poor, worn-out spinner da kine? Right now we stay hoping it going last till we get home. Da poor thing stay all faded, and da strips flying behind stay so much moa short den when was new.

Day 2-14

We still stay climbing!

Day 2-15

Da road narrows foa construction, and now we stay above da timberline.

Day 2-16

Da weather stay great!

Day 2-17

And we wen see anodda train!!

Day 2-18

And dese craggy cliffs. Awesome, yeah?

Day 2-19

Anden dis lovely view foa She Who Loves Pīpī. Dis view was so nani was hard foa keep my mind on my driving. And try look da snow ova dea!

Day 2-20

Part Two tomorrow.

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7 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip: Day Two, Part One

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    Hmmmm. Northwest passage? you know, Louis & Clark guys. What about the Continental Divide?… Heck why not a trip to Colorado? I want to know because I want to connect these pics with names! LOL BTW are those Angus’?

  2. Mokihana says:

    Yeah, dem guys are Angus. Hmmm…. Lewis and Clark. Dat’s a good idea!

  3. Clare says:

    Hmmm, rivers, mountains, cows, trains….must be somewea in da continental US. Hmmm, I wonda…

  4. Kawena says:

    Well, looks like you’re on Interstate 84/Highway 30. Since you left Oregon couple days ago and still on it, you’re heading east. Is it the Snake River?

  5. Kawena says:

    Aarrgghhh…re-calculcate, re-calculate as the GPS tells you, right? Well, you must’ve went Columbia River, then maybe by Snake. You’ve got a couple clues going on. This is interesting…kinda like “Where’s Waldo?” but in this case it’s “Where’s Moki?”

    More pics, please!

  6. AFK says:

    I love dem pipi! I wen see da same kine milk truck befoah – an’ was wen I was heading east on I-90. But you guyzes not on 90 – I can tell. Nex’ time, mooo at da pipi fo’ me, please.

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