Da Mystery Road Trip, Day One, With Photos

Sorry foa da lapse, but we been getting to bed ‘way past midnight, and ho da tired! But dis going start da journey wit alla photos.

One of da first exciting tings along da way was dis train. I wen honk my horn at da engineer and wen wave out da window, and he wen blast da horn in return. Ho da loud!!! But was so much fun to connect lidat.


On da journey, we wen go down dis long, long grade. Try look da mileage we stay getting!


Hea one photo of da landscape along da way.

Along da road, we wen see one historical marker and wen drive into dis place and wen come across dis wonderful bridge. Had one creek running down below it. We love stuffs lidis.

Dis trip stay really special to me, because we going go visit one auntie I neva see long time. No can wait foa see her on dis numbah one day on da road.

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10 Responses to Da Mystery Road Trip, Day One, With Photos

  1. Kim says:

    Well now I know you didn’t go to Hawaii…
    I love that bridge pic, and those hills.
    No clue where you are…looks like the Northern CA Central Valley, but I might be way off, cuz I don’t know Oregon except for Portland…

  2. ohh I love trains!!! ANd I love the bridge, and I love that yu get to see yoru Auntie :-}

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    I’d love to walk over the bridge and see what’s on the other side. Keep the photos coming. This is really a wonderful thing. 😀

  4. AFK says:

    Looks to me like you guyzes wen go east along da Columbia River for lilo bit. On yo’ holoholo, did you happen to go see someboddy in da witless protection program? 😉

  5. Clare says:

    I know, Canada right? Alaska?

  6. Babooze says:

    I dunno whea dis is but i love da scenery u providin’ us. Dat bridge is very intrestin’. Did u walk across an make pics? Keep um’ comin’.

  7. Babooze says:

    Eh…get one babooze up deya trying fo impersonate me!! Dass not me!!

  8. Babooze says:

    By da way, today is October 10th so hacome da posting date says October 11th? Wat kine dat?

  9. Mokihana says:

    Maybe I should call dis da 2 babooze comment cruise den.

  10. Kawena says:

    Well, looks like you’re on Interstate 84/Highway 30. Since you left Oregon couple days ago and still on it, you’re heading east. Is it the Snake River?

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