Hawaiian Time Aloha Friday

Not my fault my website was down on Friday, so here’s something new. The Aloha Friday question, which I got from An Island Life.

My question is:

Where did you learn to swim? In the ocean? In a pool?

K’den. Pau. Answer if you like. Next time I’ll post on a Friday!

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6 Responses to Hawaiian Time Aloha Friday

  1. Barb says:

    The Richard’s street YWCA pool. Some great memories.

  2. AFK says:

    No worry, beef curry. We still ste heah.

    I learned how to swim in the pool at the Kokokahi YMCA in Kane`ohe. My folks took me for swimming lessons when I was 8. Being kind of an uncoordinated kid, it was the one physical thing I could do well.

  3. Kim says:

    My cousin Margaret taught me when I was 7. My mom had wanted to sign me up for swim lessons, but I cried and announced that I was afraid of the water, so she didn’t, but had Margaret teach me instead, in a public pool called “Dreamland” in Ashland, Kentucky. We swam each day for about 2 weeks, and then when I went back to Virginia, I practiced in the swimming hole in our local creek.

  4. Babooze says:

    I wen learn at wun beach called puk a pants across from Hakimo Road in Nanakuli. Dad wen grab me by da shawts an throw my okole in da watah an das how i wen learn. Drown owah swim brah. So i wen learn in da ocean. Wuz summah time so no had beeg waves owah aniting lid’at. An once i got old enuff u couldn’t git me outta da watah, well till i went Germany dat is. m/

  5. Mokihana says:

    I wen learn to swim at Waikiki Beach; much more calm waters den Babooze had! From da first day, my maddah had to force me to come outa da watah cuz I loved it so much!

  6. Michael says:

    Atlantic Ocean – almost. When I was about 6 years old my dad thought it was time for me to learn to swim; we lived in Miami, FL. We often went to the beach and I played in the sand. Well, he put me on his shoulders and walked out into the water beyond the waves. Then he DROPPED ME into the water. He cried out as I scrambled up his body and my scratches burned him from the salt water. He then tried the same thing again with the same results. His comment was “Well, that was the way I was taught how to swim”. BUT that was in a lake with no waves. I managed to pass swimming in HS by holding my breath and dog-paddling across the pool. Finally took swimming lessons at my last school, 60 years after my first introduction to the ocean; much easier.

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