Open Letters: One

Dear not-paying attention wahine who made a right hand turn from a red light onto the highway:

This was our new-to-us kawila which we’ve only had for two weeks.

Because you weren’t watching where you were going (were you talking on a cell phone perhaps? I mean, how in the world could you not see Nolemana’s kawila right in front of you?) you crashed right into the side of our new Hyundai!

See how the back side looked before yesterday? See how smooth and shiny and new everything looked? (Please notice past tense!)

Well, thanks to you, the rear door has to be replaced, not to mention the rear bumper and the rear hubcap. The frame and suspension will have to be checked as well.

When we bought the kawila, CarFax stated that it had never been in an accident. Well, guess what? Now it has, no thanks to you.

I am extremely grateful that Nolemana wasn’t hurt. I’m even grateful that you weren’t hurt. But I really don’t understand how you could’ve failed to see him when you made that turn. On a red light, mind you. (Yes, I know it’s legal; but only when it’s safe to do so!) He was only going 35 miles per hour in heavy traffic and you were accelerating from a red light (well, I assumed you stopped instead of running it).

It’s just a car. It’s not a life. But I do wish you’d been more careful. Next time pick an abandoned jukaluka or something.

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3 Responses to Open Letters: One

  1. Babooze says:

    Eh, i seen dis on da lanai but decided fo’ come hea an comment. U right, good ting Nolemana is fine so fah. Lass hope he ok as time goes on yah. Ho da unlucky wen u jus’ git da cah an sombodi come an smash da buggah. Wot? Deh goin’ pay fo damage right?

  2. AFK says:

    I’m glad Nolemana is okay. But unfortunately, get choke stooopid people on da road. Mebbe she was on da phone. Mebbe she was putting on makeup. Mebbe she was grinding down lunch. Mebbe she’s just stooopid. Her gas foot went down before her maka wen spock.

  3. Kim says:

    Arrrrgh. Glad Nolemana is safe and sound. Scary. The car was so sleek and new, too.

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