Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

This is the first time ever that you have not called to wish me a happy birthday. I realize that we had our ups and downs, but I also know that you’ve done some really wonderful things for us and that we had some really good times together.

But despite everything, I have been in tears for the last two days because this is the first time I won’t hear you singing the entire happy birthday song to me first thing in the morning. I am sitting here at my computer with tears rolling down my cheeks because the day just doesn’t seem right without hearing from you. I feel kinda lost, actually. It doesn’t help that I never got to say goodbye to you before you died.

Sometimes I even wish I’d recorded your last year’s birthday phone call so that I could have played it today and in the future.

Despite everything, I miss you, mom. Especially today.


Your dotter

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6 Responses to Dear Mom

  1. Babooze says:

    Ho Moki, i no how u feel but jus’ neva said it like u did. Miss Mom and da Maddah in-law too. Unfortunately dat is da way life is. We all git on da train and at some point in time some of dem have to git off witout us an so we still on da train but no fogit da uddah peeps on da train wit u. We all hea fo’ u too. m/

  2. AFK says:

    Oh Moki-chan, I’m so sorry. Times like this can get really hard. Know that we are all thinking good thoughts for you and wish you a happy birthday even during this tough time.

  3. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mokihana}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  4. tita rita says:

    Hugz to you! Wen my mom died, couldn get deah to say goodbye… still hurt.

    But she always be wid you in you heart.

    {{{{ Moki}}}}}

    Tita Rita

  5. Bev Matheson says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m sorry about the loss of your mom and I also feel YOUR pain. I love your website. Take care.


  6. hakucho says:

    Our birthdays are a day apart…mine is the 19th! My mother has been gone now 9 years…I wish I could say it gets easier as time passes, but it still hurts, a lot! Just know that I greatly sympathize with you and what you are going through right now. {{{Hugs}}}}

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