Rest For The Weary, ‘Eono and Pau

The next day, Poem and Ricky were settling in well. Joan came over that night and put them in the barn as she would do every night, then let them out in the morning.

They both had their raincoats on; Poem doesn’t like rain and stops eating if she gets really wet, and it was a very rainy day. The dogs weren’t used to the raincoats and felt like they had to get acquainted all over again!

The horses mostly stayed by the front gate; this was familiar territory to them.

Pikake came up fairly close, but didn’t really bother them at all.

Then Puakea decided she needed to check things out too.

Pikake began her circling routine again, but was still pretty calm.

The Paul, Titus and Rayado were on the other side of the pasture, but Rayado didn’t know what to think of the raincoated creatures! Horses were okay, but what were these? Some alien kine horses?

Poem and Ricky just kept on eating.

Rayado just kept on watching.

Later on, Puakea resumed her guarding position, with Latté by her side. Ricky decided he’d get brave and went around the barn to the other side for the first time.

She’s really a wonderful guardian. Both dogs are!

Ricky decided to head on back to his friend.

Poem just kept grazing in familiar territory.

I got a photo of this robin searching for worms!

The dogs are heading towards the gate! Wassup?

Oh! It’s our neighbors! Ricky thinks someone’s coming to give him a treat!

The sheep stay up in the higher part of the pasture, watching.

Rayado has moved over to stay with them. They’re all now on the opposite side of the pasture from where they were, just below the forested area.

Oh! Ricky sees something happening! Does he get a treat this time?

Try look! It’s Nolemana!

The dogs come over. The horses come over.

As Nolemana opens the gate, Pikake and Puakea do a bit of wrestling. Or hugging!

Both horses are now at the gate, wondering if it’s time to go into the barn.

Nolemana gives Poem a pat as he goes to the barn to get the dogs’ kaukau for the night.

I love having the horses here. I’ll post more photos as the grass grows green and they lose their shaggy winter coats and get shiny. In the meantime, e komo mai, Poem and Ricky. You are welcome here. To da max.

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2 Responses to Rest For The Weary, ‘Eono and Pau

  1. AFK says:

    I love happy endings! I especially love happy endings with friendly animals. I look forward to more stories.

  2. RONW says:

    they’re really like the gift that keeps on giving.

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