Rest For The Weary, ‘Elima

Puakea and Pikake were coming to some sort of understanding that Poem and Ricky were here to stay. They kept their distance, though they were still a bit restless. Rayado, on the other hand, had his own issues.

While everything had been going, including Puakea and Pikake’s bouncing around, this is how he looked:

He still hadn’t moved an inch! He was still standing stock-still where he had been for the past twenty minutes!

Poem and Ricky stopped their grazing to look at him and the sheep.

Close-up of a pretty girl.

Poem and Ricky started to run again towards Rayado, Paul, Titus and Latté the goat.

Then they stopped to look again. Pikake thought she should do something.

Then they stopped, and Pikake thought she’d come a little closer.

Puakea, more mature, took up her customary guarding position higher up on the hill.

Nolemana decided to move his car so that Scott could back up the trailer; Sam and Sierra were still watching everything, and Pikake was still niele about her new friends.

They gazed upon the new arrivals with still-rapt attention, not moving from the corner of their pasture.

Ricky and Poem were not impressed. Neither was Pikake.

Scott began backing up the trailer so that he could go back down the road. That set Sierra and Sam running around like crazy!

I drove down to the bottom of the hill so that I could take some close-up photos and talk to Joan. Ricky was even prettier from the gate.

I love this shot of both of them, showing that classic Arab profile.

Poem went back to eating again.

Rayado still stood motionless.

Our two new boarders seem very content, relaxed, and beautiful. I am so happy to have them here; it just seems so right that for the last years of their lives they get to rest after lifetimes of giving.

(Final photos coming next time)

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4 Responses to Rest For The Weary, ‘Elima

  1. Kim says:

    Hope Rayado decides they’re okay. He’s kinda stuck with ’em, now…
    I never knew Arabian horses came in that paint color; just beautiful! Will you hang out in the pasture much with them?

  2. AFK says:

    I, like Rayado, am niele. I’m anxious to see the last installment!

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    I wonder what kind of other adventure all of them will find themselves in. It is funny to think that as we go on with our daily routine, that life carries on with animals all around us. In pastures as well as in the wild. Life is so active all around us, but we’re usually so narrow sighted to realize, or take the time to understand what they must be thinking and feeling. This is why I really liked this series Moki. It was not only fun to read, but it was a good reminder for me to stop and pay attention to life around me. There are so many stories going on, if I would only take the time, I could share a part of it and be blessed. Great story Moki!

  4. yarnpaws says:

    eh- cute dis series! I like da happy ending!

    Rayado remind me of small kid time when my madda would tell me not fo do someting and I would say I not (but I going) and den I check fo’ see if she watching and shua enough, she standing dea, looking at me trying fo’ be sneaky. In trouble befo I wen even do anyting!

    I going chroo the older blogs leetle by leetle…you know, you eve wen submit anyting to Bamboo Ridge? You should, you know.

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