Broke Da Mout’ Pork Chops

Tonite Nolemana and I had our favorite kine pork chops. Ho, I stay so ono foa dem; no matta how often I fixum, we neva get tiyad of dem. Oni easy, too!

So, foa fixum: Get some centa cut pork chops, doe can be anykine. But I like centa cut cuz can gnaw on da bone pau eating ’em.

Wash ’em. Dry ’em. Preheat da oven to 375 degrees. If u get one small broila pan wit puka in da top part, use dat. Cuz dis way alla fat going drain down to da bottom. Line da bottom wit foil foa easy kine cleanup. Den spray Pam kine spray on da part wit da pukas.

Put da pork chops ontop da broiler pan. Den put plenny sliced lemons ontop da chops. (Ho, I one poet anden!) Next, go pour plenny ketchup ontop da lemons. I mean plenny! Cover up alla lemons wit da ketchup.

Put da pork chops in da oven foa about one hour. In da meantime, cook yoa rice, cuz gotta have rice wit dese. Gotta, oa no taste da same. Fix anykine veggie oa salad u like have.

When da chops pau cook, and using one fork, gently pull da lemons out from undaneat da ketchup, squeezing down on dem foa get alla lemon juice. But be careful to try leave da ketchup ontop da chops. Dis going taste like one easy kine version of sweet-sour pork.

Get da rice, da veggies, da salad, watevahs. Anden whack all of it! Den gnaw on da bones feeling oh, so clevah foa making sometin so easy and ono!

Oni easy, yeah? And onolicious to da MAX!

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3 Responses to Broke Da Mout’ Pork Chops

  1. Kim says:

    YUM!!! I am gonna make dese fo sure.

  2. AFK says:

    Wow, dat sounds ono. But no pitchas, Moki-chan?

  3. *groan*
    I just found out I am extremely allergic to citric acid.
    Those soudn FANTABULOUS though.

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