Word-Filled Wednesday

Last month when Nolemana and I went down to my mom’s for the memorial service, clean out da hale [hah-leh = house] and be with my ‘ohana, we went to the Farmers Market there in Los Gatos. The color of all the fruits and veggies, mostly unlike what I can get up here in the cooler Northwest climate, inspired my latest offering for WFW.

I love gardening! I love planting the veggie seeds, seeing them pop through the surface and begin to grow. I love harvesting the crops. I even love pulling weeds that take nourishment from my “babies”.

I bet God is equally delighted with the variety of colors and textures that He has created. I bet He is pleased when I get speechless over a vendor’s displays at a farmers’ market, as I did with this one. Sometimes, when I see a display like this, I wonder if He even says, “Wow! Look at that!”

(The photo is huge… that’s a server problem… sorry for the distortion. Hopefully it’ll get fixed later.)

*** Alla stuffs hea on my blog stay copyrighted. Dat means photos, words, typos, hamajangs of any kine. If u kakaroach [steal] um, den I going hunt you down and give you da giant slippah and whack u wit um until u promise u nevah going do dat again. And eh! I whack hard and I get plenny menehunes can track u down. And eh! I whack hard and I get plenny menehunes can track u down. Copyright © 2008. The content on this blog is the sole property of the author. Dat would be ME! ***

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6 Responses to Word-Filled Wednesday

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    I absolutely LOVE the colors! Awesome pic and great caption as usual.

  2. I love looking at the colorful produce at the grocery store. I thought I was the only one who did that!

    Thanks for stopping at my blog today and leaving your kind comment. :o)

  3. That is a wonderful phott…it is so bright and goes so well with the text.

    Thank you for visiting me. Do come again soon.

  4. amydeanne says:

    love the color! 🙂 Great post and i wonder that sometimes! he’s sucha good artist aint He? lol

  5. Lea says:

    Beautiful photo and great verse to go with it!
    You make me giggle so hard… please don’t smack me Mokihana… I didn’t take NOTHING! HEEHEE

  6. Wow. That chard is so beautiful! Tried to grow it once, but no go. Like you say, this area ain’ da best fo’ veggies.

    PS Glad you’re liking the fences!

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