Trip to California, Chaptah Seven

When my dottah and I stay down my mom’s da first time, we wen notice had one Farmer’s Market across da street from our hotel. But was aftah my mom wen mahke [die], and everything stay so hamajang I neva even wen try go dea.

But dis time, I wen tell Nolemana I like go. Was da day aftah my maddah’s memorial service, and I needed one diversion. So da first Sunday morning we stay dea, we wen holoholo down one block foa see all da kine produce no can get up hea Oregon side.

Oh my gosh! No can believe!! Da clicking fingah on my camera stay itching foa take photos of alla stuffs!

Da first photo I wen take was dis. Nolemana had foa drag me away from dis one, telling me, “Mokihana! We have NO room for ANY of them!”

Reluctantly, I wen let myself be dragged away; I wen spot artichokes!! Now, lemme tell u folks about artichokes! I LOVE artichokes! When I first when come mainland, we used to drive down to Castroville and buy artichokes by da box! Every night foa dinnah we wen have artichokes and neva wen get tired of dem. So when I wen spot dese ones, I stay drooling already.

Until I wen spot da price! Ack!! Like chree bucks each! No can do, brah. Sorry.

Had choke [plenny] pole beans. At home, mine not even blossoming yet!

Try look da peppahs:

I wish now I had bought some of dese summah squash. I don’t even know da name foa try grow next summah! Nani, yeah?

Had tons of nectarines!!

And moa!

And da red grapes!

And tomatoes next to dem.

Seemed like almost every vendor had peaches and nectarines.

But dis one had da most nani pua! I wanted to grab alla flowers and take dem home.

Heirloom tomatoes. I love da idea of dese varieties being handed down generation to generation.

Broccoli and cauliflower. I love dem both!

Nectarines and peaches.

Had one fresh fish vendor even. Shaka, yeah?

I stay resisting stuffs pretty good till we wen get to da pluots. I love dem tings! So we wen get some. Actually, if we actually lived dea, I woulda brought one shopping cart and loaded up on all kine veggies and fruits. Oh yeah. And pua. And just maybe a couple of artichokes. Cuz wen save gas cuz wen walk, yeah? Oh. Try wait. If I lived dea I wouldn’t be living at da hotel, yeah? Heh heh.

Moa grapes.

And moa! Most vendors were pretty competitive price-wise.

Had one vendor wit plenny Asian veggies, like dese Chinese long beans.

And all dese yummies.

I’m not one big eggplant fan, but da color so nani I had foa take one peecha.

Da displays stay really attractive.

Dis post stay pretty graphics-intensive awreddy, so stay tuned foa Chaptah Eight to see alla rest of dem.

*** Alla stuffs hea on my blog stay copyrighted. Dat means photos, words, typos, hamajangs of any kine. If u kakaroach [steal] um, den I going hunt you down and give you da giant slippah and whack u wit um until u promise u nevah going do dat again. And eh, I whack hard! Copyright © 2008. The content on this blog is the sole property of the author. Dat would be ME! ***

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7 Responses to Trip to California, Chaptah Seven

  1. Kim says:

    Oh so nani, yes! I love the pluot, too. And the okras.

  2. RONW says:

    fresh fruits from the mainland are the pits here in Hawaii. Usually unripe, or ripe with spoiled splotches.

  3. Debra says:

    Hi! How nice! I was just thinking about you today, really!! The pictures are wonderful, but I don’t know what a pluot is-never heard of it…
    It was so good to hear from you again.
    Love, Debra

  4. Melanie says:

    I love all these pictures. YOu have a beautiful blog. Thanks for me visiting me earlier in the week.

  5. Jenny says:

    OMG! Most of our farmer’s markets here disappear as soon as summer is over. I love da variety and quantity of da one you wen visit.

  6. Kikue Mugen says:

    Yikes! How I love those little markets! And the size of some of those things! Wow!

  7. Sonia says:

    Aloha! What fantastic farmers market. Enjoyed reading and seeing everything. You take good photos!
    I received a message you had left a comment on my blog but when I went to the blog I didn’t see your comment…. ??? Anyway…thanks for visiting mine. Loved yours!

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