Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Two

The sheep won. I finally had to tell the cowboys to forget it. The sheep were getting too hot; they were panting like crazy, and I couldn’t take a chance that they’d mahkediedead right in front of me. We had to give up. It was a valiant effort, but all to no avail.

We also had to get the llamas sheared. But they didn’t want to be caught either. Ho da stubborn! No amount of grain or calling could coax them to come into the pen. So I decided we had to do something different. So I contacted Sherry, who owns llamas and does shearing. Because the llamas wouldn’t come down, she suggested she bring over her secret weapon. Llamas are such niele [curious] creatures, we felt they wouldn’t be able to resist.

So she put her secret weapon into the shearing pen. Here it is:

Now, isn’t that the cutest secret weapon you’ve ever seen? It’s Mocha, an alpaca. Think small and fuzzier llama. How could anyone resist this face?

But resist they did. Rayado and Come Se paid absolutely NO attention to this adorable creature, other than giving him suspicious looks.

So Sherry had to take him back home again.

Yes, she loads him right into her van.

I have driven with two sheep in my van. But never an alpaca! I love it!

Score: Llamas 1. Mokihana/Sherry/Mocha: 0.

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4 Responses to Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Two

  1. AJK says:

    Kawaii llama-chan! Does Mocha like going for car rides?

  2. rowena says:

    Alpaca in da van, sheep in da van, sheep no like get caught, llamas no give 2 cents worth to dat cute Alpaca dat came from da van….Auwe!

    I stay waiting for part III!!!! Your posts make me day…the temps are up to a comfy 65 degrees…I just got off the phone couple hours ago from Hawaii…I like eat bibingka made with some purple rice in it. Oh, and I getting diarrhea of the mouth so….

    will there be a part chree? 😉

  3. Kikue Mugen says:

    so so kewt that animal. I like see one part III. No can get enough. Kawaii ne?

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