Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Chree

A few days after Sherri drove Mocha home in the van, we were able to get Como Se into the pen. Yay!! So I called Sherri back, and she came over, shears in hand. Eddie of the awesome accent and fabulous smile uses electric shears, but Sherri likes to clip llamas by hand. Hand shears are less noisy and have the advantage of not bothering the llamas so much, but their downside is that it takes much longer to share a recalitrant llama… and Como Se was recalcitrant to da max!

Here is Como Se before shearing. His fleece is so heavy and so matted that the wool isn’t worth saving, and there’s no way he’s gonna get a show cut.

Como Se is very, very unhappy. He doesn’t like getting sheared at all. See how he’s pulling against the halter?

Como Se is a llama who has a very heavy coat, and two years of growth makes for a tough job for Sherri; but she’s really making progress.

Como Se is getting more used to it, but still not liking the whole procedure. The idea here is to just get him shorn, not to make him look pretty.

He keeps moving around, which makes Sherri’s job really difficult. But she’s doing it!

It was a really hot day, and I know Como Se will feel a lot better without all his heavy coat.

All pau! Como Se goes running out, and Paul, the sheep who thinks he’s a llama, is glad to get his buddy back, even though he has to make sure it’s still him! Puakea, the guardian dog, is also checking him out.

Next it’s Rayado’s turn. He’s just as reluctant as Como Se, so we put Patty in there with him to help calm him down. That’s a fly mask she’s wearing, to keep the flies out of her eyes. She kinda looks like a Martian! And yes, she can see out.

Rayado is upset. Rayado semi-cushes (lies down), hoping to escape the shears. But Sherri is prepared, and lying down or not, he’s gonna get sheared!

And here he is, all pau, and much cooler!

Sherri got the job done; there was no spitting, but there was a lot of humming. Yes, llamas hum when they’re upset. It’s really a neat sound, but I don’t get to hear it very often. Because except for shearing day, our boys are happy boys.

Stay tuned for Part Four, in which we bring in another secret weapon (or two) to round up the sheep, which have been watching with smiles on their faces as the llamas get sheared.

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3 Responses to Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part Chree

  1. rowena says:

    These installments keep getting better and better Moki! Now, I’ve never known anything about fly masks for horses but that was an interesting bit of info. And what’s this about llamas humming when they’re upset?! I would have thought the opposite, so now my question is, if they spit is it equivalent to someone giving you the finger? Yes, so niele eh? 😛 But I once asked my husband if we could keep a donkey in the yard and he just roll his eyeballs. There is no way that he will let me keep a llama, no matter how cute. Those banana ears are irresistable!

  2. Meredith says:

    I’m LOVING this series, Moki! Llamas and sheep and dogs, oh my! I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  3. AFK says:

    Do the llama’s manes not get sheared? Or were your boys just too restless to shear their manes successfully that time? If the wool is worth saving, do you process it yourself or do you have yet another knowledgeable helpful friend who can card and spin it for you? This is fascinating! And I love llamas.

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