Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part One

Da 2008 sheep shearing went so well, yeah? Sheep in the barn, Eddie with the smiling face and wonderful accent got the job done in record time. The sheep are happy. Mokihana is happy. Sure, the sheep had to be tricked into the barn with the door slammed shut behind them, and sure, they had to spend a month in semi-darkness while they dried out, but the shearing got done. Oni easy, yeah?

Two years ago, the story was a lot different. Two things were the same: The sheep needed to be sheared. The sheep no like come to da barn.

So, what to do? Ha! We live in the country. We have horses. We know cowboys! We would ask Adam and his friend to come over and round up the sheep on horseback! What a brilliant idea!

This is Adam. Adam brought over his favorite horse. Pikake watches Adam, unsure of what’s going on.

Adam has to catch Patty, the palomino mare, so that Cody will have a horse to ride. Adam searches in the forest for the elusive horse. Who, by the way, doesn’t want to be caught either.

Thunder, the white gelding, and Patty’s accomplice, joins her, the sheep and the llamas in trying to run from Adam.

Cody runs up on foot, hoping to lasso Patty. I should mention that our pasture is very steep, and Cody is in cowboy boots.

The horses are having a ball! Playing chase is fun!

“Hee hee hee, can’t catch ME!!”

“Oh yes we can!” Cody manages to lasso Patty, and leads her down to the barn to be saddled.

And off they go to herd the sheep into the barn. Score: Cowboys 1. Horses 0.

The sheep are running from the cowboys. And the llamas are not helping.

Adam and Cody stop for a consultation as the sheep run up into the trees.

Cody heads up into the trees after the sheep…

… and look! He and Patty bring the sheep down!! Yay!!

It’s looking good. The sheep are being herded toward the barn.

Oh shoots. They escaped! Score: Sheep 1, Cowboys 0

Let’s try this again.

They’re almost to the barn!! But see those two making a break for it? Adam takes off after them.

Run sheep run!! Titus leads the second group in a wild break for freedom.

Look look! The sheep are heading back up into the forest. The cowboys plan their next move. Mokihana stands on the deck taking photos.

Score: Sheep 3, Cowboys -2

Stay tuned for Part Two, in which we bring in a secret weapon.

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3 Responses to Hamajang Sheep Shearing, Part One

  1. AJK says:

    “Stay tuned for Part Two . . . ”
    Dis is how you keep one babooze in suspense, yah?
    Keep dem animal stories comin! I love ’em!

  2. Angela says:

    That looks like such a great time, love the photos. Angela

  3. jalna says:


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