Da Semi-Boonies, Part Three

K’den. Part Three.

One of our comps was right near the Columbia River, and we caught a peek of the river through the trees.

I would love to live this close to a big river, except during the winter and particularly not during the winter of ’96 that was so bad here (the Willamette River threatened to flood downtown Portland!).

Another house with a great view.

Back in Scappoose on the way to another comp, we saw this sign. But we saw no mules!

Here’s a train loaded with logs, a common sight around here.

Finally pau driving comps, we headed home along Highway 30 once again. It was a beautiful day!

Nani Oregon!

We decided on impulse…well, read that to say “the wanderlusting Mokihana”… decided to cross the bridge over to Sauvie Island. Yes, it really is an island just North of Portland. Here we are, crossing the Columbia River.

Looking towards Sauvie Island from the bridge.

The island has a lot of farm stands, and we decided to stop at the closest one, “The Pumpkin Patch”. I generally like to stop at the smaller, less glitzy ones, but because our time was limited, it was just fine. We drove through nani farmland till we go there.


The Pumpkin Patch had a herd of sunflowers too!

And lots of other flowers, too. People could go out into the fields with cutters and cut as many flowers as they wanted… for a price, of course!

After leaving the Pumpkin Patch, we crossed back over the river.

Lots of houseboats … oh sorry… floating homes… down there!

And here is the St Johns Bridge again!
st johns

It really is a lovely bridge!
st johns

We drove over the Fremont Bridge again, then South on I-5, then took the off-ramp for I-84.

Nolemana took a photo of downtown Portland while we were on the off-ramp.

I do love the view of downtown Portland.

See that kinda pointy-building ova dea?

This is an aerial shot of the pink building you see in the previous photo. It’s official name is The KOIN Center, but a lot of locals call it “Big Pink”.

Want to buy a condo it it? If you have $1,575,000, it’s all yours!

Whether at night with lights reflected onto the Willamette River, or during the day when sun sparkles on the water, Portland is a wonderful city. I love it here.

Pau this trip. Dunno when our next one will be, but I hope you enjoyed this one!

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3 Responses to Da Semi-Boonies, Part Three

  1. Kikue Mugen says:

    I would love to live by the river also, but yes, the floods are spooky and unpredictable.

    I have to say that these little excursions are wonderful! I know it takes a lot to put together. A lot of time. Every time I go on a trip I take tons of pictures to share with everyone but I never get around to doing it because of the time factor. *sigh*.

    But hey… You need to know that this is a wonderful way to take us with you along your adventures. So nani America is. Sometimes I only wish people in Hawaii could see what we see at times on the BIG land. There are truly magnificent things to see!

  2. Mokihana says:

    Mahalo, Kikue! Yeah, it takes a lot of time; hopefully people will enjoy them as much as you do. I haven’t been East of Pocatello, Idaho, but a good part of what I’ve seen is very nani. I love the Pacific NW (can oni tell,yeah?) and I know there are other wonderful places in this land.

  3. blueyecicle says:

    Oh I love that shot of the sunflowers. I have a thing for fields of sunflowers, one day I will find a huge field and take 100 shots!! And I will cover my wall in photos of sunflowers!!
    I sure do enjoy seeing people’s trips. TFS!
    I don’t think I have been on that particular bridge. I have been on many bridges in Portland but probably not that one, it’s beautiful.

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