Outside My Laundry Room Door

So like a good girl today, I was loading stuffs into da washing machine. Sheets, towels, stuff lidat. Was pretty cold this morning for August, like about 60 degrees! It wen rain last night, so da air smelled so fresh and clean.

So I wen open da laundry room door so da fresh air could come in through da screen. And guess wat I wen see right outside da door? Like only about 4 feet away? You like see?

More blackberries! I wen pick a few, and ho da sweet!

I stay picking dem buggahs very carefully however. Cuz try look my arm this morning! Oweeee!

But once again, us guys da winnahs!

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5 Responses to Outside My Laundry Room Door

  1. Lika says:

    You ‘pose to cover your arms wit old socks/cut da toes out anden put long sleeve on ova da sock OR can use old jeans pant legs or jeans jacket sleve, cuttem da size of your arm – anden you safety pin’um to da shoulder of your clothes. Harvesting attire. LOL Still yet sometimes da ting still poke thru & scratch.

  2. Mokihana says:

    Good idea, Lika. At least nomo fashion police going take my peecha in dat kine attire, yeah?

    Oa maybe we could start one new fashion trend!

  3. AFK says:

    Aisus! Next time I see you, I goin’ give you one aloe plant. I get ukupilebillion.

  4. Lika says:

    SafetypPin da jeans pant leg &/or jacket sleeve to your clothes is old school pick pineapple fashion. As wot everybody did working in da pineapple fields cause you get speared big time by da pineapple plants yeah.

  5. myra says:

    Ai yah! How did that happen? Is there something on the bush that does it?

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