Daboonies, Part Ten

So there we were, high in the mountains above Yamhill County, hoping for a glimpse of the lake that was shown on the map. We were still driving .

There weren’t many cars on the road, and those that we did see were heading the same direction that we were. Nolemana checked the map again, and we could see that Meadowlake Road, which we were driving on, eventually becomes Nestucca River Road, which becomes Blaine Road just past the tiny town of Blaine.

Blaine Road ultimately intersects with Highway 101, from where we could either head North to Tillamook, or South to Neskowin. But that journey is for another day, which we hope to do in the Fall when the colors are beautiful.

Suddenly we came out of the forest, and there, on our left, was the lake, which is actually huge McGuire reservoir.


The lake is surrounded by ugly barbed wire! KAPU! [Keep Out!]

We weren’t quite ready to turn around yet so continued driving (we’re having an adventure, remember!). It was just beautiful and we were back in the forest again.


I could have driven on this road for a lot longer than we had time for.

Reluctantly we decide we need to turn around and head back home.

After we turned around, we came across this beckoning road that went over the river. We didn’t have time to follow it, but pulled over so that we could explore and take some photos.

It would have been so much fun to see where this road led!

See the creek down at the bottom of the photo?

It was a neat wetland area.

The creek:

The air was quiet and still, and it was really pleasant just sitting there enjoying it.

We started up again, and soon saw the reservoir on our right. The barbed wire would have scared away most anyone.

Because the reservoir supplies water to the McMinnville area I can understand why boaters and fishermen aren’t allowed, but the barbed wire sure does spoil the view!

Stay tuned for Part Eleven; I never dreamed it was gonna be this long; but I don’t put tons of photos on each for those still on dial-up. Yes, some of my friends still are.

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