Daboonies, Part Nine

Our last comp was located up on Meadowlake Road, so after leaving Woodland Woolworks, that’s where we decided to go. I’ve been in Carlton a lot, but have never driven up Meadowlake Road. As I drove, Nolemana looked at the map and discovered that there was a big lake or something up the road, so off we went on another adventure!
Starting up Meadowlake Road

We got to travel through even more nani farmland!
nani farmland

There are ukupila [a lot!] vineyards around here; here’s one of them.

And a close-up.

Before much longer, we’d left the flat farmlands and vineyards and were up in the mountains again.
nani forest

It was so incredibly nani!
nani forest

We kept climbing, and occasionally caught a glimpse of the farmlands below.
keeping on climbing

Sunshine dappled the road as we travelled for mile after mile through the forest.
still da forest

Climbing, climbing, climbing. Only occasionally did we meet another car.
still da forest

We kept climbing till we got to Comp 4. We took a photo of it and kept going.
Comp 4

We really wanted to see the lake, so on we went, still climbing up the mountain. This next image was taken when there was still snow on the ground, but everything was clear when we were there.
almost to the lake

We were so anxious to get our first glimpse of the lake! Stay tuned for Part Ten, when we finally do!!

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1 Response to Daboonies, Part Nine

  1. Julie says:

    I stay looking for # 10 in the series…….

    lovely countryside

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