Daboonies, Part Eight

We were back on a paved road again after our grand adventure. I’m not a bit sorry that we took the detour; it’s very possible that we will never get back to that area again, up in the mountains, and I was glad for the drive, even though I got a bit nervous. However, we found that no matter where you go, there are friendly, helpful people everywhere, and that looks can be deceiving. I remember one time, in a town we were appraising in, we needed to take a photo of a recently sold house. We always try and be discreet about it, but in this case, the homeowner saw us, and came running out, very angry, demanding to know, “Why the hell are you taking a picture of my house?!” Nolemana explained why, and gave the guy one of his business cards.

That guy scared me far more than the guys up on the mountain!

We were now driving through even more nani countryside.

Nani countryside

We love taking photos of old barns.
nani countryside

We were still heading down da mountain. The logger man’s directions were absolutely right on as far as mileage was concerned.
still heading down da mountain

The forest gave way to more farmland, and we were getting more and more close to the highway.

Even more close to the highway and almost to the end of Gopher Valley Road; we saw more hay fields; this one had been threshed and was waiting for the rake and baler.
hay field

We made it back to the highway! Now we’re on our way to Carlton for realz!
end of Gopher Valley Road

We cross over a creek.
crossing the creek

The countryside was so beautiful! So many shades of gold!
I love Oregon!

And see yet more hay fields ready for raking and baling.
hay field

Just for kicks, we stop at a yard sale. Anybody wanna buy a baler?

We drive back through McMinnville and head on out to Carlton. One of our comps is there, not to mention Woodland Woolworks!!

out to carlton

We head North on the way to Carlton. After being out in daboonies, getting back into a city again is a bit disconcerting.
heading to Carlton

Soon we are in the tiny town, stop by Woodland Woolworks, where miraculously, I didn’t add to my yarn stash!

Woodland Woolworks

Pau Part Eight. In the next part, we check out our last comp and end up back in daboonies again!

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3 Responses to Daboonies, Part Eight

  1. sharon says:

    I admire your restraint. I can’t resist stopping at WW whenever I’m going to McMinnville!

  2. sharon says:

    I mean, *buying yarn* at WW. Sorry for second post. ^o^

  3. Mokihana says:

    Every fall, a few of my friends and I go on our “Xth Annual Yamhill County Autumn Yarn Pilgrimage”. This year it’ll be our 4th. We stop in Dundee, then Boersma’s (fabric and yarn), then WWW. By then we have renamed WWW’s Stash Room “the cold room” because it’s freezing in there! We have a blast all day long. And usually don’t leave empty-handed.

    `A`ole pilikia (no problem) about the second post!

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