Bunny In Da Garden

Nolemana is doing a bit bettah today; tho he wen wake me up at 5 a.m. foa two pain pills cuz he was really hurting.  But throughout da day, he been feeling small kine bettah. Most of my day was filled with mālama [caring for] Nolemana, cleaning da bathrooms, laundry, cleaning da kitchen, etc.  It woulda been reeyo easy to get resentful about dat, but it neva wen happen.  I was okay, even doe was Maddah’s Day.

Our girls wen bring ova kaukau [food] and we had several hours foa grind [eat] and talk stories.  Was good all da way around.

Lataz, when da girls wen leave and Nolemana wen take one nap, I wen come in my office foa hana litto bit.  By dis time da sun was out; Kukui, da doggie, wen stand by da sliding door, whining, whining.  I wen look out, and oni kewt wat I wen see!  Try look!  Da litto kewtie was chomping on leaves out dea.  I wen consider it anodda Maddah’s Day pressie… dis one from ke Akua.  Kinda like one reward foa not complaining on da one day of da yea wen I not sposed to have to hana [work].

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1 Response to Bunny In Da Garden

  1. Destiny says:

    Thanks for you encouraging comment. It does make a difference when CARING folks make comments. I was gald to meet in person too. Next time we will have to knit together and talk story.
    I hope you hubby is doing better.

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