Small Kine Frogging

Believe it or not, I’ve had to frog the sleeve, yes, the first sleeve still, of Nolemana’s sweater about 4 times!  Argghhhh!  But finally I got it right, thanks again to Linda, and while he was in surgery and recovery and while I sat with him till evening, I ended the sleeve and started on the ribbing. I couldn’t try the sweater on him till today because he was hurting too much, but he’s feeling a lot better now (though he’s still in his jammies) so he tried it on.  Despite my careful measuring, the sleeve is a bit short, so I’m going to frog the ribbing, which really is no big deal.

I think the sweater looks great! One slightly short sleeve and all.  And Nolemana looks pretty good, too, considering he just had surgery last Thursday!



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2 Responses to Small Kine Frogging

  1. pehea 'oe says:

    wow! what fine work. Nolemana is one fine looking kane. He’s all smiles for your photo.

  2. blueyecicle says:

    I like the sweater on and yarn in one hand!! hahaha

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