Surgery, Humbug Client, and Zzzzzzzz’s

Nolemana had surgery yesterday and I brought him home today.  Yesterday he was experiencing better living through chemistry; today he’s more uncomfortable but is doing pretty good considering. Since I was at the hospital all day long, (worked on the sweater sleeve which I had frogged 6 times slnce starting it) and a short row scarf), I came home to ukubillion things to do.  Today after I got him settled, I came back to work, and was frantically trying to get caught up when one of our new clients called.  We’re glad to have the work, but this particular client can be very obnoxious demanding at times, and once their phone calls started, I must have made 15 calls to them, to our appraiser friend helping us out this week, to the borrower, back to the client again… all within 90 minutes. 

In the middle of that, I had to rush to the drug store to get a prescription filled for Nolemana (more “better living through chemistry” heh heh) because the hospital only sent him home with paper prescription, not the real thing.

I came home to more phone calls, more work, household chores, and I was feeling so frazzled when up our driveway came my dear friend Julie with our dinner.  What a blessing not to have to cook.  And it was so yummy!

I am so tired!  So assamatta me anden?  Stay past midnite and I stay hea writing.  Ho da lolo [crazy]!  Wat’s up wit dat? 

I gotta go moe.  Cuz is going start again in da kakahiaka [morning].  Except da pushy client no hana [work] on Saturday so dey no going bug me. 



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1 Response to Surgery, Humbug Client, and Zzzzzzzz’s

  1. pehea 'oe says:

    I hope things calmed down over the weekend. Hope Nolemana is feeling better.

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