LLama LLips, LLama LLove

I love our llamas!  They’re so darn cute!  They’re niele [curious] creatures who don’t like to miss out on anything.  Every time I drive up or down the driveway, I watch them to see what they’re doing.  The boys’ names are Como Se (Llama, heh heh) and Rayado.  Rayado (striped, for his stripey ears), was already named when we got him, and I didn’t like Como Se’s original name, so went with whimsey.

Today, coming home from Damascus, I noticed both of them running across the pasture.  Because we’ve had problems with dogs and coyotes getting in and wreaking havoc with the animals, I paid close attention to what was going on.  The Maremma Livestock Guardian dogs, Pīkake and Puakea had decided to play with them, so everything was okay.

I love llama faces.  I love getting llama kisses in my hands, and feeling their soft, velvety llips as they take grain out of my outstretched palm.  I love the way that lower tooth sticks out.  I love their big brown eyes, looking out from below unbelievably long eyellashes, and I love their “banana ears” that curve towards one another.

I love their gentle nature, the way they calmly gaze around, alert to the slightest unexpected movement.   

They’re my boys.  I love them. 


Llama Boyz
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5 Responses to LLama LLips, LLama LLove

  1. kahea says:

    Dang! I never seen one llama up close before!

  2. Janey says:

    Just surfing through knitting blogs – hello!

    Since you like llamas, turn your sound on (and turn it up a bit) then go to: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/llama.php

    wait for it to load, hit play … and enjoy.
    Be warned it is addictive, but not as much as those cute llama faces.

    Happy knitting,

  3. rowena says:

    Dat’s da life…one place beeg enuff fo raise kissing llamas that look soooooooooo CUTE!

    LLama yo mama!

  4. Napua says:

    Ho, I remembah seeing one Llama years ago at da Zoo back home when dey first went open the “petting” zoo area.

    Dey so cute!!

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