What Is The Color of Worship?

At our small group from church one Wednesday night, Raymond, one of our worship leaders at church, was wearing a tie-dyed pair of socks.  One man in particular was giving him a hard time about them being so bright, and I just casually tossed off that I should knit him a pair of really cool socks in bright colors. I was just joking, really.  You’d think my experience with Nolemana’s sweater in the Tacoma yarn store would have taught me a lesson.  But later on in the evening, Raymond came up to me and said, “I really would like to have a pair of worship socks”.  “And what is the color of worship?” I asked.  Immediately he said, “Purple!  But I would leave it up to you what color to use”. 

We kinda joked about it.  Very casual.  I don’t really think he expected me to do it.  But I began thinking and praying about it, and felt like it was something I wanted to do.  So I began searching the web for some fantastic colorway of sock yarn that spoke “worship” to me.

I went to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website, among others.  And there I found it: the perfect colorway for Raymond’s socks. With purple in it! I ordered the yarn, and within two weeks had begun the socks.

The colorway is called, “Fire on the Mountain”.  It speaks to me of singing praises to God, both quietly and also with great excitement.  It speaks to me of God’s peace, and also of His power.

Everytime Raymond sees me, he says, “So Mokihana, how are my socks coming along?”, not knowing that I really am knitting them.  I just smile.  They’re a surprise, and I don’t want him or his wife knowing what I’m doing.  (So if anybody reads this who knows them, no tell, yeah?) They’re a gift.  I hope that they speak to him the same way his worship music speaks to me.

“How great is our God, sing with me

How great is our God,

And all will see, how great,

How great, is our God!”


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1 Response to What Is The Color of Worship?

  1. kahukunet says:

    Wow! Those are awesome colors. I’m sure Raymond will love them!

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