Boring/Keiki Blankies

I gave up on the ugly acrylic yarn.  Not the double-pointed needles.  Just the yarn.  Red Heart.  I hate it.  Life is too short to knit with ugly yarn.  I bit the bullet and wen holoholo to my LYS (Local Yarn Store) and upgraded to a nicer yarn.

Now the yarn I’m using is soft and snuggly.  No baby should have a scratchy blankie.  A couple wahine on the knitting list told me that the Red Heart softens with washing.  But I knit it before washing!  So that means three blankies with scratchy ugly yarn that I hate working with.  So bumbye I’m going to take da rest of the skeins back to the store.

I can even use the new yarn to make the circular blankie that starts with double pointed needles.

This is a boring post.  I should delete it.  Da whole thing.  Maybe adding photos would help.  I’m too tired to even try make it funny.  Or unboring.

What can I say?  I used to live in Boring, Oregon.  Then Damascus became a city.  I didn’t move, but my address changed.

I kinda liked saying I live in Boring.  Peeps would say, “How do you spell that?”  Um… u know… like “Ho, dis job so boring!”

“No way!  They really named the town Boring?”

“No joke; it’s named for one of the early pioneer families who came over on the Oregon Trail.  We have a “Boring Burger” hamburger place, the Post Office and two stoplights.”

Was kinda fun talking about Boring.  Everyone always asks if is boring in Boring.  Nah.  I like it.

Only now I don’t live in Boring anymore.  Except in this boring post.

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2 Responses to Boring/Keiki Blankies

  1. Lika says:

    “Intelligent people don’t get bored.” LOL

  2. Mokihana says:

    Eh! But wat if I not inteilegeient???

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