Da World Through Yellow

So wat’s widis??  I was at da gym, wen come back and turn on my monitor.  Hah?  Da buggah all yellow!  Like looking through one yellow filter.  I swear, I nevah wen touch notting!  I wen get jaundice wen I not looking?So I wen post one message on da Lanai… Izzie wasn’t da most helpful, but get one great sense of humor.  She wen post, “Did you step on one nail, by any chance?  Maybe you neva go shi shi long time and stay up to your eye balls?”

Now I ask u, how helpful is dat! Lurkah wen gimme several suggestions and I going try um today.  Now DAT is helpful!

Da yellow makes me crazy.  I feel like my brain all hamajang from looking chru it.

Makes me wonda… wat if had any kine color tinge to da monitor?  If was blue, would I feel peaceful?  If was green, den wat?  Wat if had one rainbow ovah da monitor?

Hmm… I should be one shrink.  Good psychological test. 

Or, I could be one evil professah.  Put on da yellow filter and tell da patient it’s blue, or green oa sometin lidat.  Extend da therapy months, make moah kala.

Da worst thing would be if pretty soon I couldn’t tell da real color myself.  Den wat?  Strait jacket time and Red Roof Inn foa shua.

Guess I betta go check da cords.


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1 Response to Da World Through Yellow

  1. Lika says:

    Somebody wen shishi in your monitor and stay all fill up insai? *L*

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