Double-Pointed Fingers


I am trying to knit a baby blanket. The pattern is easy. Cast on 5, join in a circle. Move onto 3 double-pointed needles, just like I use to knit socks. Knit one round.  Then increase in each of the stitches. Easy! Ya think?  So how come I ripped the whole thing out 8 times awreddy?

All I want to do is knit this confunnit stupidhead  nani [beautiful] baby blankie for my brother dem’s son.  Oh, yeah, my nephew an his wife. But everytime I try do the increases, somehow my fingers end up all hamajang [mixed up], the stitches on the needos keep falling off, and I am ready to send da whole ting to da frog pond.

I think, “Eh, when did I grow double-pointed fingers?” Cuz that’s what it feels like.  I’ve been knitting for years now. Shouldn’t be this hard.

K’den. Pau [finished] whining.  I am going go try again.  If you hear a scream from around Damascus, Oregon, it’s going to be me. 

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2 Responses to Double-Pointed Fingers

  1. Lika says:

    As one sign yeah; gotta stop anden do’em bumby wen stay all moe pono. You must BREATHE and be ONE w/yo’knitting. *L* Be all Zen-ed out. hehehe You know how sometimes you make something, go real fast easy. Anden anada time you making da same dang thing, but you struggle. Yeah as time fo’go do something else fo’lilobit……

  2. Mokihana says:

    I wen stop. Den I wen think outsai da box. If I cannot doyem wit chree needos, how about try um wit juss two, den switch to chree wen I pau getting going. Eh! Wen work! I am becoming one wit my knitting…. breathe in chru da mout’, out chru da nose. Oh try wait! Dat is for panic attacks!

    I stay up to about row chree now… knit two, yarn over, knit two, yarn over… count, breathe…..

    But I no going talk about how I had for axe my math whiz friend about da formula for no make da buggah all hamajang!

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