Left Hand, Right Hand

My madda wen tell me once dat wen I was still in one high chair, back wen dinosaurs roamed da earth, I was ambidextrous.  Switch which hand I wen use for eat, even if was Cheerios oa watevah.  I get one sistah, 2 braddas.  None of dem lidis.

Growing up, I nevah even thought about it.  Jass wen use watevah hand was convenient.  No mattah.  Eeda one okay wit me. I wen bat right, chrow right.  Eat left, hold da phone left.  Write right. 

About 15 years ago I wen hurt my right hand reeyo bad, enough dat I had to wear one bambucha bandage from da hand halfway up my arm.  My friends wen wonder how I was going write.  One day I had to write one check; my friend wen axe me how I was going do dat, cuz aftah all, da bank going check for forgery, yeah?

Ha!  i wen pull out da checkbook (wit my left hand), and one pen (also wit my left hand), and wen rite dat check nice as u please.  My friend gimme fish eye.  “How u wen do dat?” she wen axe me.  “Adunno.  Is easy!”

Da bank nevah wen question it. 

I don’t alla time wear eye make-up.  But wen I do, I use my right hand foah do da right eye, and my left hand foah do da left eye.  It neva wen occur to me wat I was doing till dis wahine at da gym wen look at me funny kine as she was bending her right hand into one pretzel for put mascara on her left eye.  I jass wen smiyo, cuz how I going explain dis kine “kapakahi”, as Lika calls it.

Dey say dat if u really like get in touch wit da deep feelings insai, like how u wen feel wen u was a kid, den try rite wit yoah non-dominant hand.  I know from reading dat it can be invaluable foah accessing dat kine feelings, cuz u gotta rite moah slow, and da whole right-brain ting takes ovah.

I should try dat.  But adunno wat hand for use!  LOL!




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1 Response to Left Hand, Right Hand

  1. Leimamo says:

    When I couldn’t use my right hand after my carpal tunnel surgery, I neva get deep feelings like keiki time. Unless dey meant feeling useless? Da only ting I wen feel was soah. ~L~

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