Fraternal Socks

Tonight I did the gusset on my second sock and decided to put the two socks together and admire my handiwork. Did a double-take. When I bought the two skeins of yarn to knit with, I made sure I had the same dye lot on each skein. I wound each skein into a ball and knit the first sock with one and the second sock with the other. And it wasn’t till tonight, with the socks side by side, that I noticed that the second one is much lighter in color than the first! Noticeably lighter.

I bought a handpainted yarn, and color variations are to be expected. But I didn’t expect this much variation. I hope it won’t be really obvious when I have the socks on my feet, but the color variance is sure noticeable now. I suppose I could try and knit two more socks out of each skein that’s left, but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough yarn to do that. Besides, I didn’t want to knit 4 socks out of the same yarn.

My cheerleader friend suggested that I wash them together and maybe the colors will blend in the wash. Good idea. I will try that. In the meantime, I am ready to do the toe decreases on the first sock and am almost there on the second.

Fortunately, I am not a person who likes everything balanced and symmetrical. Just ask my friends. (“Oh yeah, Mokihana is the most unbalanced person I know!” Ha ha ha!) I prefer things to be asymmetrical and whimsical. If the socks don’t match perfectly, it’ll be okay. And I really might try making two second socks and giving the second pair away.

Or, better yet, I will call it a “design element”, and wear them with pride!

Cool head main ting, yeah? And finishing the socks before the Olympic flame goes out. Imua!

first socks

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