Toe Jams

On Tuesday morning, I got one sock done all the way up to grafting the toe.  It’s great!  It looks just the way it should. 

Sock Toe


But the other sock!  Sheesh!  Somehow I got all mixed up and had to tink all the way back to where I started the decreases.  I think for the final stretch of the Olympics I should be relieved of all my household chores, work and anything else that would take away knitting time!

When I finally get the other sock done to this same point,  all I will have to do is the dreaded Kitchener stitch, which grafts the toe together.  When I finish, the tips of the toes will look like they’ve been knitted, even though I’m  doing it with a tapestry needle and yarn.  Last time I tried it, it turned out junk. I may get some help with it on Friday night.

The Oregonian newspaper had a big article on the Knitting Olympics, asking participants to send in photos of their completed projects, and I think I’ll do it when the socks are pau (finished, for my mainland readers).  My one chance at fame!

I have the best cheerleaders around!  My special friends in my weekly Bible Study have encouraged me with ecards, emails, hugs, and words of encouragement.  One of them has told me she’s making something special for me to celebrate my victory.  I am so touched by all of their kindness and aloha.

The gals on Team Hawai‘i Nei and I are keeping in touch as we all head toward the finish line.  I love having them on the team with me.  Here is how Emily is doing on Kate the Kat… even without arms she’s adorable!  I can’t wait to see her all finished!


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