Knitting In Front Of The Woodstove

I did it! I turned both heels two days ago. Then yesterday I didn’t knit at all. But today I got back into the swing of things and not only got the gusset all done, but also am well on my way down the foot. Then I’ll be ready to begin my toe decreases and graft the toe. I did have to tink a few rows on the gusset when I realized I forgot to do alternate rows of straight knitting, but that went pretty fast. I hope I can get the gusset done on the second sock tomorrow or Sunday, then it’s the race for the finish!

Here’s the first sock with the heel and gusset done:

And here’s a close-up:

We’re in the middle of an Arctic freeze here in Northwest Oregon. Temps were in the low 20’s last night, and with the East wind blasting down the Columbia River Gorge, the wind chill is about -10, which is incredibly cold for us. Fortunately our house is located on the west side of a hill, so it’s wind-protected; but that means the temperatures get colder. At any rate, I like to sit in front of the woodstove and knit on my socks. It’s so cold that I’ll be glad when I can wear them!

My Christmas cactus has decided to bloom! It matches the socks, so I decided to post it here. I bought it at a garage sale for only $5.00!

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