Let The Games Begin!

Today I was joined by some new Team Hawai‘i Nei members! What a great start to the day. E komo mai (welcome) to:

Carol, who’s making a child’s Warm and Wooly Vest.
Maile, who’s knitting a cable- lace afghan of her own design.

Team Hawai‘i Nei Members:

and the Tita Cheerleaders

(We sound like a rock ‘n’ roll band, yeah?)

Here is my pattern:

Yesterday afternoon I put my skeins on the skeinwinder; here is the first one, all ready to be wound into a ball on my ballwinder. I do love my toys!

Here’s the ballwinder and the new ball of yarn, ready to be knit.

Even though the official rules said that we could cast on at 2 p.m., I couldn’t start till 8 p.m., pau hana time (work all done), when I turned on the TV to watch the opening ceremonies. I am loving the yarn I chose, and it’s a pleasure to watch the color variations slipping through my fingers as I’m working. I checked my gauge, and it’s perfect! Whoo hoo! Gauge is very important. If it’s off, then I could end up with a sock big enough for a size 13 foot or small enough for a child. And these socks are MINE!

I knit like crazy during the seemingly never-ending commercials and watched with one eye during the ceremonies. They should really call it the program The Olympic Commercials, with breaks for the games! There was a lot of fluff where I got a lot of knitting done, but I did enjoy seeing all the athletes parading into the stadium (between commercials). I thought of how, in our own way, knitters around the world are having their own parade, and how the projects we’re working on are knitting us into a cohesive unit, making something more beautiful and bigger than the projects we’re working on. It’s as if all our projects are being knitted into a huge Knitting Olympics “flag” or something equally impressive.

By the time the flame was lit, I had finished the entire leg of the first sock! I’m not a particularly fast knitter, so was pleased with my progress.

My plan had been to knit one sock first, then the second, so that if the worst should happen, I would have at least one finished sock. But today I’m going to go get another set of double-pointed needles and cast on the second sock. I will have to be able to pay close attention while I do the heel and gusset, and because most of my knitting is done with other people around, I need some “mindless” knitting to do during those times.

That gives me eight, count ’em, EIGHT pointy little weapons to use against anyone who attempts to distract me from my goal.

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