Wastin’ Away Again in Sockville

I started the second sock last night! I didn’t have as much knitting time because there some interesting competitions to watch, especially the ice skating. I’ve worked on it a bit more today but am feeling tired and kinda sluggish. Not enough sleep, I suspect. Please pass the salt!

I am trying to remember to keep my hands relaxed so that I don’t overdo. I’m not trying to set a record for speed, and I keep telling myself, “Knit Hawaiian Time!”

As soon as I finish the leg of the second sock, I’m going to start the heel flaps for both of them. Don’t know what a heel flap is? Or gusset? You can look here and find out!

Here is my progress as of 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon:

While I was outside taking the photo, I looked out over the deck and saw this:

The white dots are three of our sheep. Even in winter, Oregon is beautiful.

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1 Response to Wastin’ Away Again in Sockville

  1. Lika says:

    More would have gotten done if you sipped on a Margarita while you watch Olympics and knit. So you would be Sockville & Margaritaville at da same time feeling no pain. hehehehehe

    You cannot just make one long one like da WILLY WARMA anden cut one puka and sewem’ for makem’ curve? LOL Be da kine SUPA SIZE crooked willy warmers ~ yours going have berries hah! LOL

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