Da Sketch From Hell… Umm…. My Masterpiece!

My hubby and I own one real estate appraisal company. Part of my job is to input da sketch of da hale into our appraisal software proggy from da sketch dat my hubby does on-site. Usually stay pretty easy: 15 right, 24 left, 36.5 up, etc. Occasionally I get one real challenging one cuz of da lolo angles in da hale, but usually I no end up bolohead from tearing my hair out. Wen come close, but so far I stay okay. Today, though, I wen meet da sketch from hell.

Dis one sketch was my biggest challenge yet. Da buggah get only a few straight walls; I think it get a total of about 13 angles in da one floor alone. It wen take my hubby and our appraiser assistant ukubillion several hours to measure and determine da exact degree of all da angles, using one protracter and miter gauge da kine so dat I could input um into da software.

It was custom-built for da original owners, and wen we wen see da RMLS pic, Nolemana wen immediately decide to see if he could locate da original plans, cuz basically, da hale one kapakahi creative blend of angles and straight lines. After exhausting all possible resources to try an obtain a copy of da original plans, including da 76-year old original owner, Nolemana wen realize dat him and Orvill going hafto measure da whole ting demselves.

So on Thursday dis week, my hubby Nolemana an Orvill wen drive in da snow up to da Mt Hood area for inspect dis hale. Da location is so nani; it sits at da confluence of two rivers in one pristine environment. It’s surrounded by forest, and all da trees were covered with snow.

Dey wen spend hours measuring and re-measuring, den wen go to lunch an put da sketch on da table to see if their measurements and angles were going work. Nope. Dey had to go back and re-measure a couple of angles, but finally da buggah was pau.

Den wen come my turn. I wen take my first look at da sketch. ACK! Da hale get so many angles dat it made me dizzy to look at it. I thought to myself, “Sheesh, going be junk for try do dis buggah!” But I stay chicken brave!

I wen input da first line, and from den on, was a matter of tweaking and figuring out da exact degree of angle. Orvill and Nolemana had done one great job, but still I had to tweak um a litto to get it exactly right. Took a couple of hours, but finally I wen doyem! Get two floors dis hale, and was real complex. From den on, inputting da room layout was easy.

I feel good dat I was able to do dis. Here is my final sketch:

Heah da main level:


And heah da basement level (in Oregon and Washington, plenny houses have living area in da basement, also called “daylight basement”, cuz can see da outside from da inside).




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