Da Christmas Tree Conundrum

For da lass couple of weeks I been listening to all da debates about da “holiday tree” vs da “Christmas tree”. For da first time evah, da City of Portland, Oregon, in deah wisdom loloness decided dat da huge tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square was to be called…. drum roll….. “The Holiday Tree”. How stupid is dat. Well, anyway, I was thinking about dat, and decided for turn on da radio in da lua while I was taking my shower lass nite. Usually I listen to http://www.hawaiianrainbow.com or one Hawaiian Kalikimaka CD, but I nomo in da lua.

K’den… so there I am, singing along in da shower… wen suddenly, it wen occur to me. How lolo is dat! We have “holiday trees”, but da airwaves stay full of lyrics like “Oh come let us adore Him”, and “O holy night”, and “For unto us a child is born”, and “angels we have heard on high” and “have yourself a merry little Christmas”….

We get at least chree radio stations in da Portland area, and dey all stay playing da same songs. So my question is dis:

Wat is da big deal about calling it one Christmas tree? Seems to me so pupule to make such a big fuss about calling it a holiday tree, wen most all da songs going out in da airwaves are talking about Christmas!

Foah crying out loud: even da @$%@$ commercials talk about how many days stay left before Christmas for peeps to buy pressies max out da credit cards!

I realize that da governmental bodies of cities are trying to be politically correct. But da whole ting seems pretty stupid to me. One conundrum, yeah?

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3 Responses to Da Christmas Tree Conundrum

  1. Lika says:

    So wot are you saying….I no can sing “oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree?” kkk I going changem den, “oh frkng tree, oh frkng tree…” Um it was da night before HOLIDAY and all thru the night…..” Wot Holiday? LOL
    Juss making humbug.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Squeeze in a good holiday while you’re at it too! *L*

  2. Mokihana says:

    Can u even imagine? Moah humbug:

    Try dis:
    “I’m dreaming of a white holiday…”

    oa dis:
    “Grandma got run ovah by a reindeer coming home from our hale holiday eve…”

    oa dis:
    “I’ll be home foah holiday….”

    “Then one foggy holiday eve, Santa came to say, ‘Rudolph wit yoah nose so bright, won’t u guide my sleigh tonite…”


  3. Lynn Vasquez says:

    Have a very Jolly Holly? to you to you?

    …nah dat don’t sound right.

    Have a very Jolly Christmas, to you, to you!

    From Lynn Vasquez!

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