Da Coyote

We wen have some excitement around here a couple of days ago. Was early in da kakahiaka (well, early foah me!), about 7 a.m., and just getting light. We get two Maremma Livestock Guardian doggies, Puakea and Pikake, who been bred just to guard and protect our sheep and goats. Dey big and white, and do a great job.

Well, dey wen wake me up dat kakahiaka wit dis ferocious barking, da kine barking that tells us, “PAY TENSHUN!” Dey sounded frantic, so I wen get up and look out da window, but couldn’t see anyting. Just as I was about to wake up my hubby, who can sleep through any kine ting, da phone rang. It was our neighbor, who wen tell me dat when she heard da frantic barking, she knew something was da mattah. She wen tell me she and her hubby wen go outside to check, and found dat our doggies had cornered one coyote in da old shed at da corner of our pasture. He had one shotgun, but was afraid to go in da pasture cuz da doggies were so riled up.

So my hubby wen race down there; he and Charles wen hurry into da pasture. All da sheep and da llamas were huddled together up near our hale, watching, and da horse we’re boarding was running back and forth, cuz she could smell da coyote.

One shot, and Mr Coyote was dead, and da livestock was safe. Da doggies got lots of treats and pats for doing a good job.

We got Puakea and Pikake as puppies, 3 years apart, to protect our livestock not only from coyotes but also from marauding dogs, which had already twice decimated our flock. At 12 weeks old, they are put into da pasture to begin their guarding careers; and that’s where they live. They never come into the house, and are not pets. That day, they wen earn their keep.

We no like killing any living creature; and as coyotes go, this one was beautiful. But he was after our sheep, and it was him against us. This is a sad testimony to what happens when growing development creates lack of habitat for da wild critters who live around here.

Our sheep are safe; da doggies did exactly wat they were bred to do. But I still feel a litto sad that it had to end up like this.

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1 Response to Da Coyote

  1. Lynn Vasquez says:

    I enjoyed reading your story. I will come back more often.

    Happy Holidays!

    Lynn Vasquez

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