365 Days, Numbah Forty-Five

August 21st

Daily hummingbirds.
Did a bit of spinning today.
Our Sakura trees got a major pruning. They had crossed branches, dead branches, and lots of suckers. They’ll come back, but it was pretty shocking to see them at first.
Nani sunset tonight.

August 22nd

The tree guys came to start finishing up.
Topping the alder tree.
Terry went even higher. We’re leaving the lower half for the woodpeckers.
Then he removed some overhanging fir branches next to the garage.
“Before” photo of the Sakura tree by the barn.
“After” photo. Yikes! I’m not an arborist so have to trust that Terry was right about it coming back just fine.
Daily hummingbird.

August 23rd

Daily hummingbird.
I’ve had this bracelet ever since small kid time. They’re all Hawaiian seeds. I love it!
Pīpī for AFK.

August 24th

Daily hummingbird.
Through the forest to Scouters Mountain Park. I love the greens!
Mt Hood, barely visible but still beautiful.
Greg came back to entertain us. One of the ladies in our group made that beautiful glass bowl.
More pīpī for AFK.
And yes, I mooed to get there attention. I am well trained.
I finished this braided ball for my hānai moʻopuna, Noah. A friend helped me put it together; it was very complicated!
It’s totally washable and safe for small hands. And Noah can learn his colors, too.
Artsy-fartsy daily hummingbird through the Mylar shade. Can you spot his reflection?

August 25th

My Anatolian friend, Eleanor, when we were picking up the food for deliveries.
Light load today…with tons of mangos!
I gave this Mock Orange to a friend as a housewarming gift years and years ago; now it’s really big and there are two of them!
Tractor and bailer at my next stop.
Gorgeous topiary at my last stop. The farm workers are always so happy for the groceries.
Confunnit squirrel broke into the bird feeder and had himself a blast till I caught him at it. Grrrrr.
This is all I got of the daily hummingbird today. I could see the bubbles coming up from the bottom of the feeder, but couldn’t see the hummer!
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2 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Forty-Five

  1. Michelle says:

    I love that glass bowl, but am not so sure about that ‘arborist’s’ work.

    • Mokihana says:

      We’ve had them out before and they did a great job. I guess we’ll have to wait for Spring to see what happens. I didn’t expect him to take out that much, either.

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