365 Days, Numbah Thirty

June 6th

The Mourning Dove is still here, and I’m really happy. I love hearing their mournful songs.
Clematis peeking around the corner.
Lupine blooming in the pasture around the corner from us. And they’re far away and hard to see, but there are pīpī for AFK!
Our new neighbors!! The horse is fine; he’s just taking a nap. He and the goat are best friends as is common with horses.
Robin in the driveway hunting for worms and bugs. I always drive up and down slowly because there are lots of parent birds.
Daily hummingbird.

June 7th

I’m so thankful for these pilots who are dedicated to protecting us.
Car wash day. It was about time!
Daily hummingbird in action.
All pau!!!!!

June 8th

Daily hummingbird!

June 8th

The mountain was halfway out at Scouters Mountain Park today.
The Gathering was up at Scouters Mountain Park again, and this father and son duo came riding in on their electric unicycles! I’d never seen one before. They parked them here to recharge at the recharging station. SO cool.
They had tons of protective gear on. This is when they were getting ready to go.
Uh-oh. Dad took a spill. I caught this right before he went down. Good thing he had protective gear on.
He got up quickly and they were on their way to continue their 30-mile ride. We had such nice conversations with them, and learned a lot about their unicycles. I was so happy that we’d had the chance to meet them.
We had another visitor today! She stood there for quite awhile.
The mountain got clouded in as we were getting ready to leave.
Daily hummingbird.

June 9th

Daily hummingbird almost incognito.
Daily deliveries… 25 lbs of radishes among other stuff.
Tons of grapes… and no, that’s a Hawaiian beer box, but no beer in them. We had a lot of Dave’s Killer Bread, too.
Empty boxes ready for the sorted food.
Hairy Woodpeckers on the feeder and post.
‘Way better photo of them.
Robin! I love them; when I was a wildlife rescue volunteer, baby robins were my favorites to raise to release. After making sure they knew how to fend for themselves, I released them in the cemetery where my dad is buried. It seemed like a good thing to do.

June 10th

Daily hummingbird in silhouette.
Black-Headed Grosbeak and Western Tanager on the suet feeder.
This was a hard one!
Barely there daily hummingbird.
And daily hummingbird in the rain, blessed rain.
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3 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Thirty

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    Lovely, as always. Love the hummer caught in flight between the two feeders; always love the Tanagers; electric unicycles??! Crazy!; the car wash pic is wonderfully artsy; and I love the good food you get to deliver, radishes and my favorite, Dave’s Killer bread (and such an interesting story behind it…. hats off to Bob’s Red Mill, for many reasons!). Keep it up!! Thanks for the moments of beauty and good thoughts you share!

  2. AFK says:

    Thank you for the pīpī photo! I especially like the mid-air hummer in silhouette on 6/8. Your robin on 6/6 looks like a mynah!

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo, sista! I’m always on the lookout for pīpī photos for you. I love getting action shots of the hummers… and yeah, the robin does look like a mynah, yeah?

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