365 Days, Numbah Eighteen

April 6th

View of Mt Hood from where The Gathering met today.
Linda saw this lovely fir bough baby pine cone on the ground with s. I brought it in and placed it on the beautiful coffee table.
A yarn bouquet from Jimmy Beans Wool given to Rhonda; we added the pine bough to enhance the art.
Liz made this adorable baby hat!
I made cone sushi for lunch at The Gathering. This is all that was left. Too bad…now Nolemana and I gotta whack it!
Daily hummingbird at sunset.

April 7th

Food delivery Thursday.
Old barn and yellow mustard during my deliveries. Thinking of Carol again, missing her again. Can you see Mt Hood peeking through?
Iris is back at the Hellgate Osprey cam in Missoula, Montana, after wintering somewhere south. I got to see her swoop in for the first time!
Daily hummingbird.

April 8th

Hard to see, but this is pollen from fir trees all over my windshield!
Nani tree at the gym.
Evening; waiting for the hummingbird to show up.
Whew; he finally showed up. Daily hummingbird.
And stayed for a few seconds.

April 9th

Making progress on Carol’s Mt Rainier hat. This is such a bittersweet project… I miss my friend. It was supposed to be hers.
Daily hummingbird.
First of the tulips blooming.
Sunshine Valley is greening up.
Kalakoa and Keola enjoying a sun break.
Spinning “Lilacs” from Fat Cat Knits. So pretty!
Try look the waves clouds!!

April 10th

A wet, misty, morning.
Daily hummingbird in sideways rain.
I was amazed he stayed out there when it was so wet!
Hail. The hummingbird flew away when this started, thank goodness.
“Lilacs”…I love the way the colors change.

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4 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Eighteen

  1. AFK says:

    You have an artist’s eye, Moki-chan. I especially like your photos of the the pine bough on the coffee table, the hummingbird at sunset, and your pōpoki. I’m glad you’re continuing to work on Carol’s hat–I never had the pleasure of meeting her. Do you think she would be glad you’re still working on it?

    • Mokihana says:

      Awww… mahalo, sista. I wish you could’ve met Carol…she was amazing. I think she would be really glad I’m finishing her hat and will wear it in honor of her. Thank you for asking such a great question.

  2. Jenny says:

    Your photos are always so beautiful. I love the signs of Spring!

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