365 Days Numbah Seventeen

April 1st

K’den. I don’t know if you know this, but my daily hummingbird photos really are daily. They were taken on the dates that I post on da bloggie. This means that I really have to be watchful and try and catch the hummers when they’re there, usually outside the bedroom sliding door (which, of course, I have to keep clean). The first thing I do when I get up, and sometimes really early in the morning, is to slide the screen door back so that I don’t take photos through a screen grid. I skulk around the corner of the bathroom, slowly trying to take photos so that I don’t scare the little guys and girls off. Sometimes I feel like that cartoon thief chracter. If they see my reflection in the sliding door, off they go! I’m always watching the feeders, hoping to get interesting photos of the hummers. (Bet you didn’t know I had to go to so much trouble, yeah?)

Well, today was a day when I never saw a single hummer. Bummer hummer day. Either my timing was off or they were off busy with all the emerging blossoms. I was so disappointed to miss them. Maybe it was their idea of an April Fool’s joke? In their place, I offer this video, taken last year, of this little guy/girl who would do this all day long. Adunno why it won’t just show the video. Can only link it.


April 2nd

Daily hummingbird outside the kitchen window.
Daily hummingbird outside the bedroom door.
Flowering Quince in full bloom.
Carved fishie outside our front door.

April 3rd

Daily hummingbird.
I love it when I can get an action shot like this!
Flicker at the feeder.
Keola yawn.
Another action shot! Daily hummingbird in the afternoon.
Pouring rain and hail on Sunshine Valley Road.

April 4th

Daily hummingbird in the morning.
Daily hummingbird midday.

April 5th

Daily hummingbird.
My special friend, Carol, loved seeing fields of wild mustard in the springtime. I took this photo and immediately thought, “Oh, I’m going to send it to Carol!” Suddenly realizing I couldn’t, because she’s not here now, and it taking awhile for my brain to comprehend that. Wai maka time. I miss her so much.
Daffodils where I get my hair cut.
Tiny Viola blossom amidst the gravel.
Bloom where you are planted, yeah?
More daffies.
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3 Responses to 365 Days Numbah Seventeen

  1. AFK says:

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful photos, Moki-chan.
    I’m so sorry for the loss of your special friend Carol. I have had similar moments when I think “oh, ___ would love this,” then I realize ___ isn’t here any more either. That jolt of realization is so, so hard.
    I appreciate all of the work for your daily hummer photos.

    • Mokihana says:

      Yes, those moments of realization are so hard! “Jolt” is a perfect way to describe it…and like getting punched in the ʻō.pū, right?
      I’m so grateful that you’re such a faithful follower of this little bloggie, and glad you like the daily hummingbird photos, too.

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    I second AFK’s comment… xoxoxox. I always appreciate little things like a tiny viola through the gravel to remind us that beautiful things can spring up out of hard places 😘

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