365 Days, Numbah Sixteen

And whoosh. There went March. How can that be? Seems like just yesterday, the 9th, when we got our new heat pump in. And now, pau da whole month!

March 26th

Daily hummingbird. The Rufus Hummingbird is back!!!
He’s tiny, and he’s mighty! He chases away the Anna’s hummers. Do I need to get yet another feeder?
More fiber being spun into yarn.
Anna’s hummer zooming away.
I’m working on more socks. Who says socks have to match? Not me!
ʻElua Anna’s hummingbirds.
ʻEkolu hummingbirds!!! I was so excited to get this shot.

March 27th

Hairy Woodpecker munching on suet.
Daily hummingbird.

March 28th

Lifetime Chimney guys arrived.
Lifetime Chimney was here; fabulous company! They cleaned our chimney, cleaned out our woodstove, and cleaned the glass, too!! I sent them away with warm cookies.
Tree at gym coming alive for springtime.
Daily hummingbird. And yes, I really was this close!
So wonderful!

March 29th

Daily hummingbird.

March 30th

Nani clouds.
Daily hummingbird.
Couldn’t resist this; I’m having so much dental work done now.
Very interesting kawila at the Sandy Library today.
Every year I look forward to seeing these daffodils poking their heads through the picket fence.
Tons of daffodils at the church on Haley Rd in Boring.
Sunset daily hummingbird.
This is the raccoon hat I made for my adorable hānai grandson.

March 31st

Nursery where I deliver food… Ukraine colors in pansies.
More Ukraine colors at the nursery. Random, but I couldn’t resist making the analogy.
Star Magnolia at the nursery.
Lovely Mourning Dove outside my office.
Daily hummingbird acrobat.
Saw this cool tree perch when I went to pick up Kalakoaʻs meds. Redland Road, Oregon City.
Roller coaster road. Bradley Road, Oregon City.

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4 Responses to 365 Days, Numbah Sixteen

  1. AFK says:

    So jealous you get two kine hummers! Although I’m thankful for our Anna’s. Da zoom away hummer photo on da 26th was terrific–looks like a Star Wars fighter! And wow, laulau, how did you get so close to your hummer on the 28th? Lucky your hanai grandson keeps that hat on–our granddaughter would not tolerate any hats. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome photos!

    • Mokihana says:

      I’m really thrilled that we get the Rufus hummers. I love that you have Anna’s. I hope that Noah will wear hats as he grows… babies look so cute in them. I wish your granddaughter would keep them on!

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    As always, great pics! OH your wee grandson!!! CUTE and love the hat. The car….shades of my usual rides ;). The tree perch looks inviting and I’ve always been fond of road pictures…gets my imagination going, I guess!

    • Mokihana says:

      That tree perch looks wonderful, doesn’t it! I love the creativity of whoever built that. You and I are alike.. I love road photos too.

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