Gettin’ Outa Dodge, Chapter 4 and Pau

Here we are on the onramp to Interstate 84, about to head makai towards home, with the Columbia River right next to us.

The river was small kine choppy, but not too bad. And see da train ova dea?

Heading makai now towards home. I do love the colors of my spinner. I guess I’ll always have to have a kawila with an antenna like this so that I can have my spinners!

That’s the Hood River Bridge.

We decided to hop off the freeway at Hood River so that we could watch the windsurfers. I’d never seen one close-up before and hadn’t realized how big they really are. There didn’t seem to be a lot of surfers in the river, so we must’ve gotten there at a “pau hana” time.

See how big? And pretty, too.

Then we saw a few windsurfers out on the river; there were lots of spectators around, probably family coming for picnics, too. And see da train still?

We got back on the freeway and were delighted to see a barge making its way downriver.

Easily entertained I am. Yep. Sometimes I wonder if I woulda been happy being a barge captain. Or a train engineer. I love the idea of it, but not sure I could have handled the heavy work.

I always wonder what they’re carrying, those barges. I imagine wheat during the summer and maybe the fall, too. We saw another one further on.

There was still some snow up in the highest Cascade peaks as we drove from the drier part of Oregon over to the wetter, more forested side.

We got off the freeway at Troutdale, and saw this sign as we drove by the Troutdale Airport. Would I go up in one of those? Nope. Flying on a regular jet is always a white-knuckle thing for me, so riding in a biplane would not be for me. I do love looking at them, though.

My beloved dad-in-law, who lived with us for eleven years till his death, used to work for Lockheed and loved airplanes. I bet he’d have done it!

K’den, that’s the end of our Rowena Crest adventure. Mahalo nui for tagging along with us. It was a fun day.

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2 Responses to Gettin’ Outa Dodge, Chapter 4 and Pau

  1. AFK says:

    Thanks for taking us along! And thanks to Nolemana for taking all da pitchas.

    True story about propeller planes. A very smart high school friend who is an MD (A) was visiting another very smart high school friend (R) in Seattle. R was taking A back to SeaTac Airport so A could fly home.

    R: “Wow look at all the prop planes!”
    A: (After a beat) “Wow, they look so real!”

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