Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-eight

Hilahila au to da max. No can believe I’ve ignored my poor litto bloggie for so long. In many ways, it’s been a really difficult year, but I gotta pau this road trip! The last time I wrote was back when we were about to enter Waitsburg in Washington State.  So we’ll start there…with a cool old barn.

We cross the Touchet River. It woulda been so cool to have a train crossing at the same time!

We came across the bikers again, all of us still in the Palouse country.

And here we are. I really do love this town.

Our companions were just ahead of us. I knew they’d leave us behind because we wanted to stop at the cool hardware store here.

Check out the ‘way cool old buildings!

Here’s the hardware store, but shoots! Was closed! I wanted to buy some of their “4th of July” tomato plants, but I wasn’t able to pay them. So kill fight.  I loved that they just left everything outside even though the store was closed. I guess I could’ve left some kala under the door with a note for the tomatoes. I can’t find them around here anywhere. I’ve gotta find somewhere where I can buy the seeds. Sadly, this fabulous hardware store is now permanently closed. Wai maka.

Waitsburg Hardware

Try look this cool old house! I wish I could remember where in Waitsburg it is; I’ve tried finding it on Google Maps, but no luck so far.

And on we go, heading to Pasco on Highway 124. We decided to go this way instead of following Highway 12 because we’ve never been this way before. Actually, it usually happens like this:

Me: “Hey, let’s go a new way this time! It’ll be great!”

Nolemana: “Okay.”

And it always was!

I never get tired of driving through the Palouse, any time of the year.

We cross the Touchet River again, just makai of Waitsburg. I do like the barn in the background.

I’m gonna try find it…it’s only about six minutes down the highway from Waitsburg.


We got off the highway for a sec to take these photos. Cuz, railroad tracks. This was just past Bolles Road.


My ancestor, William Clark…he was here!

And here we are in Prescott, Washington.

This is a really beautiful old church building. I love all the details in it.

Barn!! This one is just past Whetstone Creek. Thanks, Google Maps!

Besides old barns, trains, railroad tracks, horses, sheep, llamas and on and on, I also love seeing sky vistas like this one.

Close-up of that beautiful cloud above.

I really would love to come this way during harvest and watch the Palouse tractors working.

The cloud is still before us!

Along with more pretty ones.

Montana is Big Sky Country, but this is a pretty sky, too. I love not seeing tall buildings, billboards, and other big city stuffs.

K’den, I leave you for now with this photo. Mahalo nui for riding along with us.

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3 Responses to Montana Road Trip 2010, Chapter Forty-eight

  1. AFK says:

    Thanks for taking me on a little road trip and I didn’t have to leave my chair. Soooo pretty. Hugs to you, Moki-chan!

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