A Heartwarming Beginning to the New Year

Nolemana and I were on our way to the gym yesterday, and stopped at a red light at Burnside/Division  (four lanes plus turning lanes each street) heading northwest. Traffic was very heavy. I was about 3 cars back from the front of the line. A disabled man in a wheelchair was trying to cross Burnside from the left. He was very slowly going backwards in his chair because of the uphill grade of the road, pushing with his feet. He wouldn’t have enough time to get to the other side of the street before the light changed and could only move very, very, slowly. I’m sure he must’ve felt embarrassed because he was going to hold up traffic. Suddenly from further east on Burnside, a man came running over to the man in the wheelchair, and pushed him the rest of the way over to safety. I had tears in my eyes, feeling such gratitude for this good Samaritan who helped a stranger. Hubby rolled down his window and hollered out a big thank you to the man for his kindness. In these days of chaos, confusion, anger, and hate, it was so good to see such a heartwarming sight.

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5 Responses to A Heartwarming Beginning to the New Year

  1. Michelle says:

    Such good deeds need to be shared like this to remind us all that there is good – and to DO good – in this ol’ world! Happy New Year!

    • Mokihana says:

      Yes, there is good in this world despite all the awful stuff. And we can be part of doing good. All we have to do is to look around and pay attention.

  2. AFK says:

    Light in the season of darkness. When we need it the most. Good karma on that nice man.

    • Mokihana says:

      I love this…light in the season of darkness. I bet the nice man goes out of his way to help at other times, too.

  3. Merry Higby says:

    What a wonderful thing to read today, especially during these stressful days! ❤ Mahalo for sharing! ❤

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