Spinnin’ Away…But Not In Margaritaville

I’m so happy I can finally spin again! I still can’t do it for hours and hours, but it’s good PT for my knees and it brings me such joy to be able to be at my wheels again.

I just finished this skein. It’s about 300 yards of Shetland wool; I haven’t decided what the knit it into yet.

This one I call Hinuhinu, because it’s got all kine sparkly stuff in it. My sweet friend Suzette prepared the fiber for me.  There’s a little bit over 300 yards of this one, too. I’ll probably make a cowl with it.


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5 Responses to Spinnin’ Away…But Not In Margaritaville

  1. Beautiful stuff! Another friend of mine used spinning for PT and said it worked wonders.

  2. AFK says:

    Ho da nani! Da first one’s colors are soooo appropriate for late spring/early summer. And da second one is appropriate for someone named “Mokihana.” [wink]

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