Clouds – Small Kine Sidetrack

Driving home from Estacada today, I pulled over to take photos of these clouds.  I love checking to see what I can in clouds…and today I saw one particular thing:

Do you see what I saw? To me, it was so clear! But then again, I might just have a weird imagination.

I drove a bit further and took another photo, but what I was seeing had changed to this:

Anden changed again each time I stopped and pulled over.

I’m anxious to read what you folks think, especially from the top photo. Regardless, it was a lovely sky as I drove makai to home today.

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5 Responses to Clouds – Small Kine Sidetrack

  1. Michelle says:

    On Fox12 Oregon the meteorologist gave the name for those clouds, a relatively new designation. But I’m not sure what you saw in the clouds!

  2. AFK says:

    I think I see a face. In the upper left corner, about 1/2 way up–the bright spot is the nose. I can see kind of distorted eyes, a mouth and a light-colored tongue waggling in the opposite direction from the nose.

    Michelle–are these “mammatus” clouds? (I’m a weather geek wanna-be.”) If so, they’re an indication of turbulent weather.

  3. Mokihana says:

    I love that name for the clouds; saw it on Mark Nelson’s blog post. I’ll have to post another photo of the face that I saw and highlight it. It didn’t look like a happy one. Thank you both for your comments!

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