“Math Doesn’t Lie”: My Saturday Knitting Group

Mahalo, AFK, foa giving me da idea foa dis post. She commented, “An haccome yo group is called “Math Doesn’t Lie”? Or is dat too long to go into here?”

Nah, not long at all.  So, I get chree odda friends I get togedda wit every Saturday we can foa some knitting time. And sometimes wat we knitting stay reeyo complicated and we (except foa a former microbiologist/math wahine) come all hamajang cuz our stitches, and no can figga out wea da kapakahi-ness comes from. We think we wen follow da pattern right, so hakum at da end of da row da knitting no match da pattern?

Nancy, da former microbiologist/math whiz/knitter extraordinaire, alla time tells us foa count our stitches, count da stitches in da pattern. Count, count, count. “Because math doesn’t lie!”

Of course she’s right. And when we count anden do dat math, we find wea we wen go wrong. From wat I hea, math doesn’t lie, except when it’s divided by zero. Which I wen read on one t-shirt.

So dat’s da story of how I wen name our group. I hope it wen bring u one smile.

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2 Responses to “Math Doesn’t Lie”: My Saturday Knitting Group

  1. AFK says:

    I love stories about truth. Math is truth. And friendship is one of the truest truths. Thanks for sharing, Moki-chan!

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