Catching Up

I’m gonna play catch-up with some posts that I meant to write earlier. Like this one from last fall.

One of my favorite views across Sunshine Valley is this one; I love watching how my view of Olson’s red barn changes with the seasons.

I drive by their place several times a week, and one morning was delighted to see Don out raking his field in the company of Canada Geese.

I pulled over so that I could take more photos; and I rolled down my window so that I could hear the gentle honking of the geese, who weren’t all that pleased to see me there.

I like how the dust clouds were following along, too.

This is my favorite photo because I was able to get a bit closer to both geese and tractor.

The Olsons are a special family to me; they have a fruit, veggie, and flower stand starting in the spring on this same road. We watched the eclipse with them there…more about that later!


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4 Responses to Catching Up

  1. AFK says:

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful view with us.

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